Softoys is a line of handmade, soft sculptured children’s toys, cloth books, and quilts. As any of you who have ever spoken to me may know, the first toy that my mother ever designed was our A-Z Block toy. This soft sculptured baby toy, as well as 3 of her other designs, was so unique in 1995 that we were awarded a copyright by the U.S. Government!

Every toy is made from 100% cotton fabrics, containing a polyester fiber fill, and is completely machine washable.  Additionally, many of the toys are elaborately decorated with embroidered details and machine appliqué. 

From this beginning, we created more toys, always focused on designing toys and sets that are soft, engaging, and FUN. For over 20 years, we have been selling our Terrific Toys to families around the globe. Most of the sewing is now done by my wife, though very little has changed in the designs.