Softoys Daily Planner not only teaches the calendar, seasons, and weather, it helps kids plan their day and express their moods. Includes dozens of interchangeable, stick-on pieces, including blank pieces to fill-in your self (a brilliant customer suggestion...thank you!) There's even a pocket to hold your child's photo. A fun way to help kids organize their day, as well as their thoughts. 18"W x 24"H. For ages 18 months and up. Softoys Daily Planner is beautifully crafted with embroidery and applique's, plus a clear pocket that holds a 3"W x 2"H photo Teaches all elements of the calendar: days of the week, dates, months, and years (goes up to 2020 for extended calendar life) Encourages spelling skills and number recognition; teaches kids about the seasons and the weather. Unique "Today I feel..." box encourages children to express their feelings: happy, silly, sad, mad, proud, sleepy, grumpy, or scared Unique "Today's Activity" box allows kids to plan the day's activities, making this their first daily planner. (Includes going to the library, school, playing sports, having a play date, going to Grandma's, party, a trip to the zoo, and enjoying a special treat.) Per our customers' suggestion, our planner now includes eight blank pieces (4 for mood and 4 for activities) that you can customize just for your child. Use a fine-point permanent marker (not included) to write on the pieces. Made of machine washable poly/cotton with a removable wooden dowel; machine wash cold (gentle cycle) and line dry. 18" x 13".