ADVENT CALENDAR - Here's that hard to find Advent Calendar you've been looking for! One that actually tells the true story of the first Christmas. The top half is a Manger, complete with Palm Trees and Stars embroidered on the nighttime sky. On the bottom half are 25 pockets. Each pocket is embroidered with the number of the day and holds a relevant soft sculptured Nativity character, one of which will be velcroed to the Manger scene each morning by your happy youngster. Toys include Stars, Angels, Shepherds, Camels, Sheep, Three Kings, Joseph, Mary and of course Baby Jesus. 25 toys in all! While this is one of our most expensive toys, it does take about six days to make and is much less juvenile than our other toys, so that your child will enjoy it's use well into adolescence and beyond. No choking hazards. No dangerous dyes or fabrics. No reason not to buy! 100% Cotton and Polyester. 100% Guaranteed Machine Washable.